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Yuanlong Aluminum is located in the ‘Chinese TOP aluminum products manufacturering base’---Huiguo Town, Henan Province, China.

As a professional aluminum manufacturer, we mainly produce 1xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx and 8xxx aluminum alloy sheet, coil, strip and foils. We can also provide slitting and cutting service. Precision equipment provides high quality products, advanced management provides professional service.

We have ISO9001 -2000 Quality Management System Certificate & ISO9001 - 2015 Quality Management System Certificate.

Our aim is to produce high quality products and cooperate with our customers for mutual benefit.

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Why Choose Us
  • 1. Products Variety;
  • 2. Fast Delivery;
  • 3. Professional Service;
  • 4. Free Sample;
  • 5. ISO, SGS, ROHS Certificate;
  • 6. Cumtomised is ok.
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