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8xxx aluminum plain sheet

8xxx aluminum plain sheet
Application:cap lid,food industry,home appliance etc
Product Details:

8xxx aluminum plain sheet Specification

TypePlate, sheet
Lenght12m Max
TechnologyHot rolling
Optional ProcessingsMill finish, Coated, Embossed, Mirror, Brush
MOQ5 tons
Delivery15-25 days
UseAluminum windows, doors, ship, boat, aircraft, car and others.

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8xxx aluminum plain sheet more use

1, Lighting.
2, Solar reflective film.

3, Architectural appearance.
4, Interior decoration: ceilings, walls and so on.
5, Furniture, cabinets.
6, The elevator.
7, Signs, nameplates, luggage.
8, Inside and outside the car decoration.
9, Interior decorations: such as photo frames.
10, Household appliances: refrigerators, microwave ovens, audio equipment.
11, Aerospace and military aspects, aircraft manufacturing, spacecraft series, 

satellite and so on.
12, Mechanical parts processing.
13, Mold manufacturing.
14, Chemical / thermal insulation coating.

8xxx aluminum plain sheet Features

1. Light weight, good rigidity, high strength, good tensile strength.
2. Good weather resistance and corrosion resistance, can be up to 

25 years do not fade.
3. Good manufacturability, using spray painting process after processing first

4. The uniform coating, colour diversity, advanced electrostatic spraying technology.

5. Not easy contamination, easy cleaning and maintenance.
6. Installation convenient and quick.
7. Recycled.

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