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Aluminum coil coating causes of quality problems
Mar 22, 2017

Painting is the aluminum coil coating production line of one of the most significantprocess, coating product quality is very important, in particular the apparent quality of directly affecting the decorative effect of the product. So the first thing to grasp and causes of common defects in the coating process.

A variety of causes of formation of defects, common in the following 5 categories:

1. Raw materials

Paint and aluminum volume is coated loaded process in the most can effect coated loaded quality of factors, due to paint of batch Zhijian exists chromatic aberration, aluminum Board paint fine degrees enough and coated covered rate not high, paint and solvent tie poor, and layered and so on will directly effect coated loaded effect and produced defects ' aluminum volume base material of not flat, and film thick not uniform, and side Department Flex degrees poor, also directly effect products quality and overall using. Therefore, in selecting raw materials, should be strictly controlled.

2. Equipment

Coating equipment for coating line requirements, coating devices requirements running smoothly, there can be horizontal, vertical jitter, paint roller requires groundfine. All the roller coating machine lateral run-out must be controlled within the permissible range, otherwise it will seriously affect the coating surface quality.

3. Technology

Close to finishing process on finishing quality and requirements for paint rollers, paint roller, metering rollers and wire speed ratio control in the substrate within a certain range. According to a different system and film thickness of coating products, paint set a viscosity range, ensure the smooth coating, and promote the improvement of product quality. Coating curing oven control must be controlled as required, shall be subjected to arbitrary changes, otherwise will seriously affect the color of coating products and performance.

4. Environmental

Asked to paint Interior clean, dust, insects and a certain degree of ventilation performance, ensure the quality of coating the surface is not contaminated. Due to temperature changes and changing conditions in a timely manner.

5. Human factors

Liability of the operator, normative to technical proficiency and operations, is the key to get the high quality coating results. Therefore, to enhance the operation of training and allows the operator to acquire points of principle and coating technology, strengthening accountability, and operate strictly according to the rules, in order to ensure high quality paint products.

These factors, linked and influence each other. Sometimes a defect, is associatedwith many factors, must be concrete analysis of concrete problems, and exclusion.