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Aluminum curtain wall to avoid chromatic aberration of points
Mar 22, 2017

Aluminium because of its excellent decorative effect and excellent practicality, more and more applied to building curtain wall decoration. However, the actual aluminum curtain wall decoration, sometimes for large-area color phenomenon, like faceappeared together on "big erhualian" together, together, very ugly.

So, in practice, how to avoid the color of aluminum curtain wall?

1. According to the aluminum industry, choosing the right aluminum manufacturer.Brand stands for customers on the aluminum product quality and service recognition, but in the actual selection process, the aluminum manufacturers must go to thechoose field trips, ensuring that products can have greater assurance that they produce.

2. Aluminum finished products to choose, because aluminum products in the production process, when paint is the need for modulation, with different batches of paint has a lot of chromatic aberration can occur, eventually making a large range ofaluminium sheet curtain wall color.

3. Aluminum plate and check carefully when prudent, when necessary, through professional instrument for detecting chromatic aberration.

4. Installation, make sure that two adjacent panels must meet the same color 95%,construction and decoration is completed depends in a different environment to review the entire curtain wall decoration as a whole.

5. Try to choose electrostatic painting made out of aluminum, anodized aluminumcolor appears more likely, so care must be taken when choosing.