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Aluminum cutting needs attention
Mar 22, 2017

In the process of aluminum plate shear, we should pay attention to the following:

A: designated injury phenomenon: designated injury phenomenon is shear domestic in the compared common of phenomenon, in aluminum Board advance shear machine of domestic in the will and shear machine of into material mouth friction, appeared designated injury, effect to has aluminum Board surface appearance quality, if on board surface quality requirements high of user recommends covered film yihou (surface covered film, protection aluminum Board) in for shear processing, usually covered film costs for 2 Yuan/square meters.

Two: dimensional accuracy: length, width, to be accurate, between 1-2mm diagonal tolerance control, of course, for the small aluminum plate shear not so precise specifications.

Three: trim and tidy: shearing machine shear knives due in part not sharp, resulting in aluminum trim ragged edges, recommended for processing large processingenterprises, as well as new types of processing equipment.

The above points are prone to problems in the process of cutting, with dimensional accuracy is most important.