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Aluminum foil packaging materials "past and present"
Mar 22, 2017

Aluminum foil packaging material under the growing market demand, capacity rapid progress of aluminum foil. Current there are foil produced in China more than 90 companies equipped with modern aluminum foil mill 66 and 39 universal cold rolling mill, aluminium foil total capacity of 500,000 tons per year.

The birth of foil packaging materials. Aluminum packaging foils began in the early20th century, when aluminum foil packaging materials as the most valuable only for high-end packaging. 1911 the Swiss sugar company packaging chocolate with aluminum foil, and gradually replace the foil and pop up. 1913 United States refining success based on the initial production of aluminum foil, the first application togoods, life-saving supplies and gum packaging. 1921 the United States successfully developed compound aluminum foil cardboard, first used as decorative plates and high-grade packaging folding carton. 1938-sealing foils available. During World War II, aluminum foil as a military packaging materials quickly. Use aluminum foilcontainers wrapping food in early 1948. In the 1950 of the 20th century, the aluminum sheet, aluminum-plastic composite material primary. 70, followed the old color printing technology, aluminum foil and aluminum-plastic composite packaging entered a period of fast wide.

More and more aluminum foil packaging materials are applied to life, make aluminum foil production entered a period of rapid development.