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Aluminum Sheet in Decoration
Oct 09, 2017

In recent years, aluminum sheet is widely used in auto parts, electrical cabinets, lamps, ship accessories, mold manufacturing (5083 series of ultra-thick aluminum) and so on.

Due to the excellent performance of aluminum and a wide range of applications, the aluminum sheet is becoming more and more popular.

Most people like its shiny metal decorative color, aluminum sheet is not  enhance the sense of fashion, but also improved the level of room decoration.

Home decoration with aluminum generally used in the restaurant, kitchen, bathroom and room heating hood, partition and other modeling and construction.

(1) During the constructioon, the the first thing is to keep the plate dry and smooth.

(2) The second step is pay attention to the adhesive, it must be uniform.

(3) The third step is that the aluminum sheet should cut into several pieces according to the design.

(4) The last step that is sealed the glass glue, which must be in uniform and full.