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Characteristics of aluminum foil
Mar 22, 2017

Aluminum foil is a clean, hygiene and shiny appearance, it can be integrated withmany other packaging materials packaging materials, and aluminum foil printing effects are better than other materials in addition to aluminum foil also has the following features:

(1) The foil surface is clean, hygienic, no bacteria or microorganisms cannot growon the surface

(2) Aluminum foil is a nontoxic packaging material, it can be direct contact with thefood without any worry of harm to human health.

(3) Packaging materials of aluminum foil is an odorless, doesn't make the packaged foods have no smell.

(4) If the foil itself remained volatile, it itself and the packaging of the food will notdry or shrink.

(5) Under no high or low temperature, aluminum foil, there will be no oil penetration occurs.

(6) Aluminum foil as an opaque packaging materials, so for Sun Ray products, such as margarine is a good packing material.

(7) Aluminum foil has a good plasticity, so can be used for packaging products invarious shapes. Can also be caused by any of various shaped containers.

(8) The hardness of aluminum foil, and also has great tensile strength, tear strength is small, so very easy to tear.

(9) Cannot be heat sealed foil itself, must be applied on the surface of hot materialsuch as PE can be heat sealed.

(10) Aluminum foil and other heavy metals or heavy metal contact, there may be side effects.