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Coated Aluminum Coil
Oct 19, 2017

Color aluminum, also known as pre-painted aluminum, color-coated, roll package 

will be adopted, so it can be called pre-painted aluminum coil, aluminum surface is 

coated with fluorocarbon color processing, and make a special craft, such as brushed metal, 

engraved patterns, etc.Decorative effect is very good, it has been widely recognized by the modern family.
Because of the decorative painted
 aluminum has good strength, corrosion resistance,

long life, easy molding, easy to clean, no color, no pollution and other characteristics, it is widely

used preprinted aluminum is the most popular kind of new building materials, widely used in

aluminum panels, aluminum veneer, aluminum honeycomb panels, aluminum ceiling, roof surface, 

scrap, cans, electronic products. Pre-painted aluminum sheet performance is very stable,

easy to corrode the surface after special treatment can reach 30 years of quality assurance; 

weight per unit volume is the lightest metal material, coated aluminum, is the most popular of a new profile.