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Common quality problems in production process of aluminum plate
Mar 22, 2017

In the process of aluminum plate and strip production, equipment personnel operating errors or quality problems and other reasons, here aluminium is common quality problems are summarized below, hope the production department to pay attention to the problem.

Is as common quality problems of oil pollution: oil refers to the rolled aluminum surfaces with the oil too much. and take the excess oil except the rolling oil, cut production and visible to the naked eye during the inspection of the finished surfacewith oil. These oils are mainly by the neck or below the mill exports, dumped, splashing, drop box and Mills on the clear roller exception, mill head thickness causedby drops of oil, and often dirty components.

This oil will bring great harm to the coil surface: one is due to the aluminum coil products mostly for ornamental use or packaging materials, you must have a clean surface; the second is the thickness of thin, easy to form a bubble on subsequent annealing, but more due to the amount of oil in the form of residues and effects used. Oil how many defects are a very important index for evaluating quality of aluminium foil.

Workaround: before production strictly inspect production equipment, once we found oil too much time cleaning equipment and find out the reasons, surface cleaning products simultaneously processing, if the cleaning process known as productscrap processing, prohibition of storage of oil products into the market. Scratch isa regular quality problems: scratches, scrapes, bumps are aluminum surface intermittent or continuous. single Groove-shaped scar. Usually sharp objects while sliding after the contact with the surface of the foil.

The main reason: roller, roller surface point defects, or stick with hard debris; cut,roll, cut mechanical rollers and the Guide pointed omissions or dry debris. Bruised: as the edge between objects and surfaces, or surface and surface contact slip or bundles caused dislocation in the surface of the box (or group) distribution of injuries.