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How to aluminum foil corrosion
Mar 22, 2017

The main causes of corrosion, mainly in the production and distribution process, product moisture or water. Therefore, controlling corrosion of waste production, mainly to prevent aluminum foil touch the water.

Corrosion prevention measures:

① Strengthen the management of air dryer, make sure that no moisture in the compressed air.

② Strengthen the management of rolling oil, water below 400x0.000001.

③ Aluminium foil rolls of packaging should be used sealed package, each volume should be put in the right amount of seasonings.

④ Box wood shaft, sheets of humidity is less than 18%, packaging coil temperature of not more than 45 degrees Celsius.

⑤ Delivered by the low temperatures in high temperature, high humidity areas not opened the sealed package.

⑥ Workshops, warehouses where the roof leaks rain, snow, do not place aluminum foil roll.

⑦ From low temperature to high temperature areas foil, packing seal must be strengthened, if necessary, to an additional desiccant.

⑧ Aluminum foil for packaging products in the rainy season, to strengthen the seal package, and Add seasonings.