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How to Choose Aluminum Plate
Oct 17, 2017

Ordinary consumers in the purchase of aluminum can be through the simple method

of visual identification, coating the substrate surface gloss, no crack, aluminum section black, 

grey, greenish and other impurities, furthermore can look at the actual section of film thickness

and some poor quality aluminum will in the thickness of the film to increase the board strength.
Some consumers generally believe that the thicker plate, the better the hardness. As a result many

manufacturers in order to meet the requirements of these people, the one-sided pursuit of thickness,

hardness, surface treatment sprayed the a layer of paint or the making of gusset plate containing iron,

lead, zinc and other heavy recycled scrap aluminum, low price of the substrate, the hardness, thickness

and can meet the.
This will lead to alloy composition ratio cannot control, the product is easy to be oxidized and also 

due to the extensive use of aluminum recycling, the toxic metal content a lot of excessive radioactive,

on human cells have larger radiation and injury, serious harm to human health. This is why aluminum 

prices higher on the market there are extremely cheap aluminum buckle one reason.