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5052 Aluminum Sheet
Sep 11, 2017

5052 Aluminum Sheet Description:

5052 aluminum alloy is Al-Mg alloy, cold workability, good molding processability,

corrosion resistance, 5052 alloy is the most widely used of a rust-proof aluminum,

the strength of this alloy is high, especially with fatigue strength , Plasticity and high 

corrosion resistance, hardening in the semi-cold when the plastic is still good, 

5052 alloy used to do without the pressure of the beverage cover, the state is H19,

the first material to do the oxidation treatment to improve paint adhesion and 

corrosion resistance, both sides After painting in the lid forming process, 

I produced the 5052 alloy lid material surface quality, performance and stability.

5052 Aluminum Sheet.jpg