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Al-Mg-Mn Alloy Sheet Plate
Nov 04, 2017

Al-Mg-Mn Alloy sheet Plate superiority: aluminum materials in the 

construction industry is widely used as external walls and roof.

Light weight: the lower part of the structure of the lighter weight, the prefabricated

components can be placed in a higher place without the use of large lifting equipment, 

the scene can easily complete the upgrade work.

Corrosion resistance: Aluminum material itself has a strong corrosion resistance,

 its prefabricated treatment, this feature is more prominent, so even under extreme

 conditions, long-term use of thin aluminum plate, do not have to spend expensive cost to maintain.

Rugged: Aluminum material with incredible strength, it can be used to build a lightweight 

but exceptionally stable structure.

Strong plasticity: Aluminum material with good flexibility and plasticity, as well as unlimited

 design potential can be a variety of processing, such as: shaping, welding, riveting and cutting

 into a dynamic 3-D geometry and so on.