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Aluminum Checkered Plates Price
Sep 08, 2017

aluminum checkered plates price

Many customers will ask the question: 

why is the price of the tread aluminum plate so different? 

Today, we will popularize what affect the price of the aluminium checkered plate .

And the width affects the tread aluminum prices:

the conventional width is between 1000-1250mm, if our of the range, the price will rise,

our company can produce the most wide 2200mm wide, but the price is also higher than 

the average width of nearly 6000 yuan / ton. Therefore, the width affects the price of the 

pattern aluminum plate, and the conventional width is suggested to reduce the cost.

Pattern affects the aluminum sheet price : 

different pattern aluminum plate price is different, the cheapest is five bars pattern 

aluminum plate, and the price is higher of the pointer pattern aluminum plate.

aluminum checkered plates price.jpg