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Aluminum Tread Plate
Aug 24, 2017

aluminum tread plate price

There is relationship between price and tread aluminum material, the lowest price is 1060 

Aluminum material products, not only light and  at the same time, the lowest price, the market

is the biggest selling products, but in terms of the hardness and anti rust properties are not better

than alloy material likes 3003 5052 5754 6061etc.

And the width affects the tread aluminum prices: the conventional width is between 1000-1300mm,

if exceed that, the price will rise, our company can produce the most wide 2200mm, but the price is

also higher than the average width of nearly 6000 yuan / ton. Therefore, the width affects the price

of the pattern aluminum plate, and the conventional width is suggested to reduce the cost.

Pattern affects the aluminum sheet price : different pattern aluminum plate price is different, the cheapest

 is five bars pattern aluminum plate, and one bar pattern aluminum plate is higher.