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Analysis On The Pattern Some Uses Of Aluminum
Mar 22, 2017

1.Waterproof moisture: traditional of outside wall decorative material, General exists for permeable through cold and caused of base material degradation, to led to indoor wall surface seepage, problem. and pattern aluminum Board excellent of itself structure and the plate between Compact of bump plug received buckle slot type of installation way, avoid has rain, and snow, and frozen, and thaw, and dry, and wet cycle caused of structure damage, installation Hou elimination has wall surface of seepage of worries, effective to avoid has indoor wall surface moldy of phenomenon. even is in cold area, performance stable of pattern aluminum Board also no seepage deformation of worries, Extend the life of the building.

2.Flame resistance: patterned aluminium sheet specially treated, has a good fire performance, worry-free.

3.Green environmental, and durable: pattern aluminum Board has stable of chemical and physical structure, not decomposition mildew, and no radiation, and no pollution, green environmental. the plate also can was flexible demolition Hou again using installation in other building Shang, construction remaining of scrap also can be recycling again using, in construction process in the is big degree to reduced building garbage, is high quality, and high performance of environmental products. metal pressure spent Board easy clean, and durable, using life long.