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Coated Aluminum Coil
Sep 12, 2017

The coated aluminum coil coating is divided into polyester coating aluminum coil (PE) 

and fluorine carbon coating aluminum coil (PVDE). 

The polyester coating formed through multiple baking and coating of the aluminum plate

surface can generate fast continuous solid film which functions as protection and decoration. 

It is a coating resistant to UV. Polyester resin takes the high-molecular polymer containing

ester bond of the main chain as monomer, and with the addition of alkyd resin. 

According to glossiness, it can also be divided into matte series and high light series. 

With desirable glossiness and smoothness, the product may also strengthen

the sense of depth and three-dimensional effect. 

It can protect the objects from the erosion of ultraviolet ray, wind, rain, frost, snow,

ice and freezing when exposed to the air.

Impacted by temperature difference,freezing and thawing cycle, corrosive gas,

and microorganism, the coating can serve as protection and is especially suitable

for indoor decoration and advertising board.

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