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Common Sense Of Aluminum
Oct 26, 2017

Aluminum according to the national standard (GB/T1196-93) should be called "
aluminum ingots for remelting", but we used to call "aluminum ingot". 

It is produced by electrolysis.

After entering the industrial application of aluminum ingot has two categories: 

and deformation of aluminum alloy aluminum alloy casting. Casting of aluminum and
aluminum alloy with casting method for producing aluminum castings; wrought aluminum

and aluminum alloy is processed products the production of aluminum by pressure processing method: plate, belt, foil, pipe, bar, line, and forgings. According to the &laquo aluminum ingots

for remelting; » national standards, "according to the chemical composition of aluminum

ingots for remelting is divided into 6 grades, respectively is Al99.85, Al99.80, Al99.70,Al99.60, 

Al99.50, Al99.00"

At present, people call the "A00"aluminum; aluminum is actually 99.7% purity aluminum,

called "the standard of aluminum in the London market". As we all know, our country in the 

fifty's technical standards are from the former Soviet Union, "A00" isthe national standards 

in the Russian brand, "A" is the Russian alphabet, rather than English "A" word, nor the 

Chinese phonetic alphabet "A". And the international community, called "standard" is more

accurate. Standard aluminum is aluminum ingot containing 99.7%, registered in the London

market is that it.