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Considerations For Cleaning Wood Grain Aluminum Plate
Mar 22, 2017

1.In the process of cleaning pattern aluminum, we should pay attention to from top to bottom, from the outside in order to clean the tread aluminum, cleaning must be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the order in the order, otherwise it might cause some harm to patterned aluminum.

2.Due to the chemical properties of aluminium products is not stable, so we shouldpay attention to in the process of cleaning with a neutral cleaning agent, avoid using strong acid or alkaline cleaning agents to avoid damage to the aluminum. We can use prior to cleaning wood grain aluminum plate cleaning agents and aluminum products are put together to see if it would change chemical property of aluminum, then decide whether to use this kind of cleaning agent.

3.The cleaning process of patterned aluminum, we should pay attention to selectionof clean material shall not use large tools, such as steel wool and other items. When we clean side-rail standard wipe window is a good choice.

4.Wood grain aluminum panels after the cleaning is completed, we will be the best indoor ventilation. Because if you make the aluminum long in humid conditions, aluminum surface would be likely to have an aluminum oxide film. Aluminum oxide film is the product of a smooth, smooth aluminium surface, aluminum color bright, affecting the appearance of wood grain aluminum plate.