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Electrolytic Aluminum Process
Oct 17, 2017

The process of aluminum electrolysis process: modern aluminum industry

production by cryolite alumina by molten salt electrolysis. Molten cryolite is 

solvent, alumina as solute, with carbon as the anode, aluminum melt as cathode,

powerful DC. In 950 -970 DEG C, poles in the electrolytic cell for electrochemical reaction.

The chemical reaction was carried out by the equation: 3O2 2Al2O3==4Al.

2O2 - -4e - =O2: anode cathode: Al3 3E = - =Al. The anode products are carbon dioxide

and carbon monoxide gas, which contains a certain amount of hydrogen fluoride and other 

harmful gases and solid dust. To protect the environment and human health need to purify the

anode gas, remove harmful gas and dust into the atmosphere. Catholic product is the liquid 

aluminum and aluminum liquid by vacuum lift bag out from the groove and sent to the foundry,

in the holding furnace by purification after clarification, cast into ingots or directly processed into wire blank.