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Henan Yuanlong Metal Alloy Aluminum Sheet
Dec 29, 2017

Henan Yuanlong aluminum Co., we can supply aluminum sheet of more than 10 alloy bands includng 1xxx 3xxx 5xxx 6xxx and 8xxx series.The main products include aluminum sheet,coil,foil,aircontainer foil,cable foil,electronic capacitor foil,blister foil,flexible packaging foil,CTP stock ,litho stock ,cap stock,tread plate,embossed coil,mirror panels, cans cover materials,aerospace aluminum,mold aluminum materials,etc.At the same time, we process a variety of products according to requirements of different customers.

Our company's products have export to Ireland,Singapore,Indonesia,UK,Spain,Canada,USA,Brazil,Thailand,Poland,Korea,Iran,India,Egypt,Kuwait,South Africa,Dubai,Russia,England,Holland,etc.

Our metal alloy aluminum sheet have been used in many fields.

1)Further making utensil.

2)Solar reflective film.

3)The appearance of the building

4)Decoration, ceilings,lighting device labels signs walls ,etc.

5)Furniture cabinets.

6)Signs,nameplate,bags making.

7)Decorated inside and outside the car.

8)Household appliances,refrigerators,microwave ovens,audio equipment,etc. 

9)The consumer electronics,mobile phones,digital cameras,MP3,U disk.

1)Further making utensil.
2)Solar reflective film
3)The appearance of the building
4)decoration:ceilings,lighting device,labels & signs,walls, etc.
5)Furniture cabinets
6)Signs,nameplate,bags making.
7)Decorated inside and outside the car
8)Household appliances:refrigerators,microwave ovens,audio equipment,etc.
9)The consumer electronics:mobile phones,digital cameras,MP3,U disk.

Our metal alloy aluminum sheet quality.

aluminum alloy sheet 3003 h22 0.81mm.jpg