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How To Prevent The Aluminum Coil From Corroded
Oct 10, 2017

It is all known that in the current market, aluminum coil is widely used

in aluminum-plastic panels, aluminum ceilings, fire plywood, garage doors

and other products in the production, but there are some shortcomings,

that is, if we do not pay attention to protect for a long time, there will be

corrosion phenomenon, how can we prevent the aluminum coil form corroded effectively?

Let us learn about it together, there are some suggestion from Haomei aluminum:

(1) If the workshop, warehouse roof is leaking rain and snow, then 

the aluminum coil should not be placed at here.

(2) The worker should strengthen the management of air drying to ensure

that the compressed air without water.

(3) The aluminum coil packaging should adopt sealed packaging, and each 

volume should be placed in some amount of desiccant.

(4) If the aluminum coil is transfer from the low temperature area into 

the high temperature, humidity areas, do not immediately open the sealed package.

(5) The worker should strengthen the management of rolling oil, its water content 

control in 0.04% or less.

(6) To the wooden box, the humidity of the shaft and board is not more than 

18%, the temperature of the packaging is not more than 45 ℃.