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Pattern Characteristics Of Aluminum Sheet And Range Of Application
Mar 22, 2017

Pattern aluminum is the more common building materials, are aluminum or aluminum volume pressure processing on the surface to form various patterns, achieve beautiful and decorative effect and application in various fields. According to the different patterns, wood grain aluminum panels can be customized. With the progress of science and technology, patterned aluminum is widely used, particularly in terms of home decoration, occupies a prominent position, pattern characteristics andapplication range of aluminium plate under careful counting for you:

Pattern aluminum features: wood grain aluminum plates in home renovations there are single-sided and double-sided two. Single pattern aluminum sheet strength isa bit poor, only one layer of aluminum alloy plates, slightly cheaper prices. Double-sided pattern aluminium front spray back aluminum color, two surfaces are rust-proof high-strength aluminum alloy plate, high strength.

Applications available in wood grain aluminum plate for home decoration indoordining room, kitchen, bathroom and room lamp beautiful styling, its more sophisticated strict construction. In the course of construction, pattern aluminium base surface must be dried flat, preferably made with plywood and blockboard bottom toavoid cracking and deformation.

Second note to paste pattern aluminum coating must be uniform, with a wooden hammer strong pressure. Pattern aluminum in the construction process as designedinto ruoxiaogan blocks, avoiding full and widespread use, or prone to hollow open. Finally, General glass adhesive to wood grain aluminum plate seam sealed, closed even when full, dry the surface must be clean, keep the thickness consistent.