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Several Categories Of Brushed Aluminum And Forming Method
Mar 22, 2017

Brushed aluminum is a repeated sand scraping of the line's process of aluminumplate, its production process consists of degreasing, Sander, washing part 3. Brushed aluminum is widely used in brushed aluminum-plastic composite plate, fire Board, aluminum frame, fine cabinetry, quality Windows and doors, plywood, signs, lighting, Interior and exterior decoration, household appliances, luggage, gifts, furniture, consumer electronics and other fields, is a now very popular decorative plates.

Brushed aluminum is mainly divided into straight line drawing, line drawing, drawing ripple, spiral wire, thread drawing and other, now give you a brief introduction about these brushed aluminum molding method:

-Drawing process is different, different patterns of brushed aluminum

Straight brushed aluminum: aluminum surface by mechanical grinding method of straight lines, brush cleaning aluminum surface scratches and the dual role of decorative aluminum surface. Straight continuous wire drawing lines and interrupted threads, connection drawing available cleaning cloth or stainless steel brush, throughthe continuous horizontal lines on the metal surface the friction gets. Change the wire diameter stainless steel, available lines of different thicknesses.

Wild grain brushed aluminum: wild grain is brushed aluminum at high speeds under the wire brush, aluminum sheet friction around get a no rules and no clear linesof Matt pattern aluminium.

Wavy brushed aluminum: corrugated light brushed aluminum is generally in the brush and cleaning the grain produced on a machine using Group on roller's axial movement and brush on metal surface, draw a wavy line.

Swirl brushed aluminum: swirl brushed aluminum is Mao Zhu felt or nylon pulley on the shale drilling machine, used kerosene and polishing cream, rotating polishing the metal surface obtained by one of the threads, it used the circular sign decorative processing and small decorative shaped dial.

Brushed aluminum thread: brushed aluminum is one of the thread on the shaft with a round felt little motor, will be fixed on the desktop, with tables along a 60-degree angle, rotation and linear motion of the carriage blankets, rotary brush width consistent thread on the aluminum surface texture.