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The Application Of Aluminum Sheet In Truck
Nov 03, 2017

The aluminum sheet alloys are usually used as truck carriage board. 

Dump truck generally use 3 ~ 6 mm thick 5A03 and 5A05 aluminum alloy sheet

welding for truck body, to increase the wear resistance of body, truck often using steel

plate for lining. The thickness of the side plate is 9 ~ 10 mm, and the floor is 12 ~ 18 mm. 

Japan’s truck are basically all aluminum, boxcar plate are composite structures, the outer layer 

is 1 ~ 2 mm thick aluminum plate, in the middle is filling materials, the inner is aluminum or steel plate.

In the United States,the semi-trailer van with aluminum alloy body side board and body inner board are

made of 5052 4 ~ 5 mm thick aluminum sheet. At present there are about 3 million semi-trailer vehicles

in China, while the fuel consumption has accounted for more than 25% of the total consumption (138 million t).

At present the commonly used ones are heavy trailer, for example, hundreds of kilometers of fuel 40 ~ 60 l. 

According to the statistics, 10% light weight reduction can save fuel by 6% ~ 6%. If the aluminum trailer 

popularization ratio reached 70%, and can save fuel 8 million ton every year, and reduce carbon dioxide 

emissions of 20 million ton, can also bring about 200 billion direct economic benefits for transportation 

every year. So we can have the conclusion that aluminum sheet are every popular and have a bright future!