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The Basic Steps For Making Aluminum Plate
Mar 22, 2017

1.Aluminum and aluminum alloy plate and strip hot-rolled, annealed condition, soft state at various levels and all kinds of heat supply.

2.Aluminum in hot preparations including ingot quality checks, are heat, sawing, milling, Aluminum-clad and heating.

3.When it is semi-continuous casting cooling rate is very high, solid phase diffusionprocess difficult, chemical composition and microstructure of ingots easily to formuneven grain segregation, cause the plastic to reduce

4.Surface segregation of ingot surfaced, slag, scarring and cracks and other defects,milling should be carried out (see non-ferrous alloys ingot milling), which is an important factor to ensure good surface quality of finished products

5.Hot: hot rolling of aluminum alloy ingot is to provide cold-rolled billets, or direct production of hot-rolled plate.

6.Hot rolling system including pass reduction rate, temperature, rolling speed of cooling and lubrication.