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The Performance Of 3005 Aluminum Sheet
Oct 14, 2017

3000 series of aluminum plates can be called as anti rust aluminum, China's 3000 series 

aluminum production process is more outstanding. 3000 series aluminum plate is made 

of manganese element as the main component.3000 series is a good anti rust function series, 

the price is higher than the 1000 series, is a more commonly used alloy series. 

3005 aluminum sheet strength is about 3003 higher than 20%, corrosion resistance is better.

As a result of its good property in anti-corrosion, this series aluminum sheet is commonly used

in moist environments like air conditioners, refrigerators, at the bottom of cars, etc.

3000 series aluminum;sheet is approx 20% stronger than the 1000 series, has great workability

and may be deep drawn,spun, welded or brazed. The 3000series aluminum sheet is widely 

used for general purposes. The Alloy are including the AA3003, AA3004, AA3005, AA3102,

AA3105, Temper O, H14, H18, H24, H112, From thickness 0.2mm-350mm, width500mm-2300mm,

length 500mm-110000mm. With Plain, five bar, stucco, diamond, or mirror surface process, 

Or coated with PE, PVDF, BRUSH etc. There is (CC) cold rolling and (DC) hot rolling Line.