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Wet Summer Weather Aluminum Easy Problem
Mar 22, 2017

Also known as the summer rainy season, aluminum sheet, aluminum coil, aluminumtape aluminum water corrosion, oxidation products of the season. Although the aluminum plate in aluminum products in this category, but oxidation of aluminum plate and aluminum sheet but a completely different thing. Differences between aluminum plate and aluminum oxide:

First, aluminum plate is: after acid-alkali oxide of aluminum, aluminum plate and forms a protective film on the surface. Oxide film for the silver. If the customer has special requirements, can also be oxidized to different colors according to customers requirements.
Oxidation can be divided into: ordinary oxidation, anodized and hard anodized.

Aluminum oxidation of ordinary means: aluminum plates by acid, alkaline cell, aftercleaning the aluminum surface and form a protective film on aluminum surface, known as the oxide film.

Aluminum Anodic oxidation means: after General oxidation of aluminum, in the oxidation process of power.

Aluminum anodized aluminum with sclerosis denaturalization anodizing is the difference: Anodic oxidation film depth shallow, hard anodized oxide film depth is called deep.

Anodized aluminum plate

II, aluminum oxide generally refers to aluminium plate or aluminium section connected to the volume with the same corrosion, corrosion area the same size and pattern,

For this reason:

1: when the aluminum or aluminum wrappers, temperature is too high. Up steamwithin the packaging, aluminum sheet, aluminum coil damping the corrosion phenomena.

2: aluminium plate or aluminium coil in the rain so that rainwater intrusion into thepackage. Aluminum sheet, aluminum coil corrosion phenomena.

3: in high humidity environments aluminum sheet, aluminum coil corrosion can occur.

How to avoid the occurrence of such phenomena:

1: place the aluminum sheet, aluminum coil naturally cool, then packaged.

2: can use fans to cool down the aluminum sheet, aluminum coil.

3: when packing, aluminum sheet, aluminum coil external packaging with plastic sheeting, cardboard packaging.

4: the goods during transport, replacement drivers cover the tarpaulin.

5: in the larger environment, putting some desiccant inside the packaging. Aluminum sheet, aluminum coil and be placed in dry conditions.